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3M Collision Repair Solutions

Aeromotive Services Inc.

  • Wire Damage Evaluation Training for Insurance[open presentation PDF]
    This presentation provides “How to Evaluate and Estimate Wire Damage” for insurance professionals.  Including good rules of thumb information about wire damage evaluation and available services from Aeromotive Services Inc.
  • Evaluating Wire Damage and the Corrective Action:
    The topics will walk a Manager, Estimator or Technician through the process of evaluating wire damage and the corrective action to solving one of the industries larger concerns, the architecture of the electrical system.
    • Part 1: The Anatomy of a Wire Assembly   [YouTube video]
      We will walk through the terminology, component identification, crimp terminations, and industry standards.
    • Part 2: Wire Marking Applications, Wire Identification, Types of Cabling and Their Role   [YouTube video]
      A demonstration on repair preparation.
    • Part 3: Various Types of Damage   [YouTube video]
      An explanation what is repairable in the field and what should not be repaired. A demonstration of a field repair. A discussion on re-manufactured wire assemblies.
    • Part 4: Splicing Techniques – “Live” Demonstration of Sonic Welds to a Wire Assembly   [YouTube video]
      Splicing techniques soldered and crimped in the field.
    • Part 5: Cable Wire Protective Cover, Connectorization and Securing   [YouTube video]
      Testing in the field and in a manufacturing environment.
    • Part 6: High Speed Cabling-FAKRA System, Shielded Cable and Role of 3D Printing   [YouTube video]


BASF Refinish

Bosch – Front Camera Calibration Demonstrations


CCC Information Services Inc.


Collision Hub

Creative Repair Solutions’ Headlight Tab Repair Kit

View a repair alternative for broken headlight mounting tabs

Ford – Collision Report Videos

Eastwood Company

Fender Bender

Hunter Engineering Company


Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)

  • Educational and consumer safety videos [informational videos to view or purchase]
    Topics include:
    • Understanding Car Crashes: It’s Basic Physics
    • Understanding Car Crashes: When Physics Meets Biology
    • Young Drivers: The High Risk Years
    • Making Safer Roads
    • Sober Thoughts on Drinking and Driving
    • Helmet Laws: Whose Freedom?
  • The Institute’s entire video library[YouTube Channel]
    (research and ratings news, crash testing footage and informational films)

LORD Fusor® Automotive Aftermarket Products

Meguiars USA

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

  • New vehicle crash test videos, courtesy of the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) [YouTube Channel]


PPG Refinish (USA)

Refinish Network

Saint-Gobain Abrasives, Inc. – North America

Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS)

Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes

Standox GmbH


Wire Repair

  • How to solder wires together (best tips and tricks)   [YouTube video]
  • How to splice wires with crimp, solder and waterproof connectors   [YouTube video]